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Important Notice Regarding Coronavirus - Covid-19

I have been told by Environmental Health that with my stringent non human contact protocols I am able to start work again with the proviso that people walk/ deliver their doggies using their daily exercise window.


I’ve made my own PPE so I’m not taking from the supply chain and I have added some further procedures to keep us all safe. If, however you want to keep isolating don’t feel pressured, your pup will survive with good deep brushing. 

I just need your current email to forward the paperwork - the procedure disclaimer needs a reply and then we’re good to go! I am currently catching up with pre-booked customers and am taking bookings from the 11th May onwards so getting in touch with your email and then returning the disclaimer promptly will secure an appointment for a date and time to suit.

You will all know how much this means to me and also that I do not enter into this lightly, although a strong economy is needed to get us out of this (and that I didn’t quality for furlough or grants) my main priority is above all for people to be safe.

Kindest wishes and waggy tails!

Laura xx

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