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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to start having my dog professionally groomed?
    This should be when their vaccinations have been completed. Peak Pups offer a puppy familiarisation service at greatly reduced rates as these are shorter and gentler sessions which introduce the puppy to the grooming environment, equipment used and help the puppy to develop a bond of trust with someone new.
  • What do I need to do before I bring my pup?
    After our first consultation you can just bring your pooch having exercised and allowed for toiletting. If your pooch has to use a specific shampoo please bring that along.
  • How often does my dog need grooming?
    The grooming needs of dogs are different depending on their breed and coat and dog lifestyle. Some will need grooming more frequently and others less often. We can offer you advice on this but most breeds ideally need trimming around every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • How long does the grooming take?
    This depends on what is being provided and breed of dog. I give more time for new, nervous or older dogs to allow them to settle into the experience.
  • Will my dog be safe?
    The safety of your dog is a priority; I use clip-on halters and leads and never leave a dog unattended. The bath has a safety door and the water is temperature controlled to avoid scalding and only contains very shallow water.
  • Can you groom large breeds or heavy dogs?
    I have a hydraulic bath and grooming table to raise and lower dogs which places them at the correct height for grooming and our bath fits most large dogs. Size of breed can be discussed on the phone.
  • Can you deal with aggressive or difficult dogs?
    Keeping an animal calm is part and parcel of a groomer’s experience, knowing how to handle and talk to your pet will solve 99% of problems. Muzzles will be used only as a last resort and if required, will only be applied for a very short part of the process. It is very rare to find an ‘un-groomable dog’ but if we come across any serious problems during a visit we will of course discuss them with you so we can agree a solution together. If I cannot safely complete the groom of your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 due to his/her general or aggressive behaviour I will cease the groom with the idea of not causing further distress to your pet. If I have bathed and dried your dog a £15 charge will apply, if not a £10 charge will apply. If your dog is unhappy being grooming, you may need to consider having a veterinary groom under sedation.
  • What shampoo and grooming products do you use?
    I never use anything on your dog that we would not be prepared to use on my own dog and use a selection of superior pet grooming products suitable for different coat types. We carry medicated, moisture-rich and deodorising shampoos and conditioners. We apply cologne or perfumed grooming spray unless requested otherwise. If your dog has a skin condition and a prescription shampoo, or you have a preferred shampoo for your dog please provide this for us to use, at your own expense.
  • What can I do between my grooming appointments?
    This varies on the breed and type of coat they have. Keeping the coat matt-free with regular brushing and combing is essential. I can visit between grooming appointments to bath and brush your dog if required. We offer advice on suitable brushes and combs for your dog that you can use between grooming sessions. Please Note: Peak Pups do not clip off severely neglected and matted coats. Please see your veterinary nurse/ practice for advise on skin condition and general health if this is the case and have the coat removed. After which I can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in optimal condition. If your dog is found to have fleas a treatment charge will be added to final price.
  • Will my dog be safe?
    The safety of you dog is a priority. I use clip-on halters and leads and never leave a dog unattended in the cabin. The hydro bath has a safety door and the water is temperature controlled to avoid scalding and only contains very shallow water.
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